OCB Slim Premium Oro


The OCB Slim Premium Oro is a premium choice for rolling papers. Made with the finest materials and manufactured in France, these extra-thin papers offer a high-quality smoking experience. With a length of 110mm and a width of 40mm, they are perfect for both hand-rolling and using with rolling machines. Each booklet contains 32 sheets, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Elevate your smoking sessions with the OCB Slim Premium Oro and indulge in smooth, flavorful, and meticulously crafted rolls.



OCB Premium Slim Gold [King size] 1 booklet :

The OCB Slim Premium Oro is the new rolling paper from OCB. This rolling paper is an extra-thin cigarette paper made in France.

These thin papers are of the proven quality of OCB and are suitable for hand-rolling and rolling machines, with a length of 110 mm and a width of 40 mm. It provides a smoking experience for professional rollers.

1 booklet with 32 sheets Size of each OCB Premium sheet: 110 mm x 44 mm

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