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Welcome to Bangkok Cannabis Plaza, your ultimate destination for all your cannabis cultivation needs. We are thrilled to introduce our Expert Hydro Package, meticulously designed for experienced growers seeking to take their hydroponic cultivation to the next level. Explore the exceptional elements included in this comprehensive package, featuring advanced equipment, premium nutrients, and essential tools that will revolutionize your hydroponic garden:

  1. LED Spider Farmer: Illuminate your hydroponic garden with the state-of-the-art LED Spider Farmer grow light. This cutting-edge lighting system delivers optimal spectrum coverage and intensity, ensuring accelerated growth, enhanced resin production, and maximum yields.
  2. Hydroponic Systems: Harness the power of advanced hydroponic systems included in this package. These innovative setups provide precise control over nutrient delivery, water management, and root aeration, resulting in faster growth, higher nutrient absorption, and superior plant health.
  3. Bio Grow 250ml, Bio Bloom 250ml, Bio Max 250ml: Elevate your nutrient regimen with our premium organic fertilizers. The Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, and Bio Max formulas deliver an array of essential nutrients, growth stimulators, and beneficial microorganisms to unlock the full potential of your plants, ensuring robust growth, abundant flowering, and exceptional yields.
  4. Grow Tent 300150200: Create the ultimate growing environment with our spacious and durable grow tent. This high-quality tent offers ample space for multiple plants, exceptional light reflection, and optimal climate control, providing the ideal conditions for your hydroponic garden to thrive.
  5. Fan *2: Maintain optimal air circulation within your grow tent using the included high-performance fans. These fans ensure even distribution of fresh air, strengthen plant stems, and prevent the buildup of excess heat and humidity, promoting vigorous growth and preventing mold or pest issues.
  6. Intractor and Extractor / Ducting / Carbon Filter / Duct Tape: Create a highly efficient ventilation system with the included intractor, extractor, ducting, carbon filter, and duct tape. This comprehensive setup guarantees optimal airflow, eliminates odors, and maintains a clean and fresh growing environment.
  7. Light Timer: Optimize your lighting schedule with the programmable light timer. This precision device allows you to set customized light cycles, replicating natural sunlight patterns and maximizing photosynthesis for accelerated growth and higher yields.
  8. pH Meter: Maintain precise control over nutrient solution pH levels with the advanced pH meter. This indispensable tool ensures optimal nutrient uptake, prevents nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, and promotes overall plant health and vitality.
  9. Oxygen Pump: Supercharge root zone oxygenation and nutrient uptake with the powerful oxygen pump. By infusing your hydroponic system with oxygen, this essential device enhances root health, stimulates vigorous growth, and maximizes nutrient absorption for exceptional plant performance.
  10. Labels: Stay organized and track your plant varieties with the provided labels. These convenient labels allow you to easily identify and monitor each plant’s progress, facilitating targeted care and cultivation strategies.
  11. Dehumidifier: Achieve precise humidity control within your hydroponic setup using the high-performance dehumidifier. This essential device prevents excessive moisture, mitigates the risk of mold or mildew, and maintains optimal humidity levels for healthy plant growth.
  12. pH Plus and Minus: Fine-tune your nutrient solution pH levels with the included pH Plus and Minus solutions. These essential pH adjusters ensure a well-balanced pH range, optimizing nutrient availability and absorption for superior plant health and performance.
  13. Plastic Syringe: Administer nutrients with precision using the reliable plastic syringe. This accurate measuring tool allows for precise nutrient dosing, ensuring your plants receive the optimal amount of nutrition for their growth stage.
  14. Water Pump: Effortlessly supply water to your hydroponic system with the high-performance water pump. This reliable pump delivers a steady flow of nutrient-rich water, supporting optimal hydration and nutrient absorption for robust plant growth.
  15. Cooler: Maintain an optimal temperature range in your hydroponic environment with the efficient cooler. This essential component helps dissipate excess heat, ensuring a comfortable and suitable climate for optimal plant growth and development.
  16. Submersive Pump: Promote efficient nutrient circulation and oxygenation with the submersive pump. This vital component enhances nutrient uptake, strengthens root systems, and fosters overall plant vitality for exceptional growth and yields.
  17. Thermometer (Temperature and Humidity): Monitor crucial environmental factors of temperature and humidity with the included thermometer. This multifunctional device allows you to fine-tune your growing conditions, ensuring the optimal climate for your plants’ health and productivity.
  18. Shipping: We offer convenient shipping options, ensuring that your Expert Hydro Package arrives safely and promptly at your doorstep.

With the Expert Hydro Package from Bangkok Cannabis Plaza, you have everything you need to unleash the full potential of your hydroponic garden. Elevate your cultivation game, achieve exceptional yields, and cultivate premium-quality cannabis. Experience the power of hydroponics today with Bangkok Cannabis Plaza’s premium Expert Hydro Package!


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