Expert indoor soil PACKAGE

for 25 plants

shipping services

200000 BATH

Introducing the Professional Indoor Soil Package from Bangkok Cannabis Plaza – the ultimate selection of top-quality products designed to take your skills to a professional level. Our premium-grade soil blend features a precise balance of nutrients, moisture retention, and drainage, ensuring robust root development and vigorous plant growth. Alongside this, our package includes a range of organic fertilizers and amendments, high-quality plant containers, advanced climate control devices, and state-of-the-art monitoring systems. With our Professional Indoor Soil Package, you can optimize your indoor gardening environment, achieve exceptional yields, and save time on sourcing individual items. Take your indoor gardening to new heights of excellence with Bangkok Cannabis Plaza.

What We Offer

for our Intermadiar indoor soil package

Grow Tent

LED Spider Farmer

Clamp Fan


Under cup

Intractor and extractor / ducting / carbon filter / duct clamp


Light timer

fertilizers 250CC


PH metre

Platic syringe

carbon filter

oxygen pump

PH plus and less

spray tank

Watering can

PH plus




Grow house

expert indoor soil

PACK "Unleash Your Inner Cannabis Master With The Expert Pack - The Ultimate Kit For Serious Cultivators!"

* Free shipping to Bangkok

* For all other deliveries in Thailand please contact us at the following address:
– +66(0)958141667

Krit Phumiphat

I went to Bangkok Cannabis Plaza and they were really good. I bought some soil and it was great. It was easy to order online and my order came early. My plants are growing better now because of the good quality soil. The staff were nice and smart when I had questions about the product. I think Bangkok Cannabis Plaza is a good place to go if you want better houseplants.

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What We Offer

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