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We are able to give advices to beginners, intermediates, and even professionals

We will provide insights into the climatic differences in Thailand and their impact on cannabis cultivation.

We can assist both Thais and foreigners in growing suitable tropical varieties.

We will provide advice on sourcing the best seeds or clones for guaranteed flowering.

"I firmly believe in the power of cultivation, passion, and continuous learning."

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Climatic Considerations
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Equipment and Cultivation Techniques


Recommendations for purchasing grow tents and necessary equipment

We provide detailed consulting on selecting the right grow tents and essential equipment for successful cannabis cultivation. Our expert recommendations ensure you have the optimal setup to support healthy plant growth and maximize yields.

Management of watering, temperature, pH, and fertilization

Proper management of crucial factors like watering, temperature, pH levels, and fertilization is vital for healthy plant growth. We provide detailed instructions and insights on achieving the right balance for your chosen cultivation method, be it soil or hydroponics. Our expert advice empowers you to optimize these variables and create an ideal environment for your cannabis plants.

Introduction to tailored cultivation packages

Our tailored cultivation packages offer a comprehensive solution for growers of all levels. We guide you through the package options, helping you choose the most suitable one based on your specific needs, available space, and desired outcomes. Each package is carefully designed to provide a streamlined and effective cultivation experience.

Techniques for pruning, training plants, and optimizing space

Learn effective techniques for pruning and training your cannabis plants to promote bushier growth, improve light penetration, and maximize yields. Additionally, we offer space optimization strategies to make the most of your available area, ensuring efficient use of resources and maximizing the potential of your cultivation space.

Consulting on seed germination and planting in soil or hydroponic systems

We walk you through the process of seed germination, offering step-by-step instructions and essential tips for successful sprouting. Whether you decide to grow in soil or hydroponic systems, our consulting covers the best practices for planting, ensuring a strong foundation for your cannabis plants.

Advice on suitable fertilizers for growth and flowering

Discover the right fertilizers and nutrients to fuel your plants’ growth and support robust flowering. We provide recommendations on suitable fertilizers for different growth stages, ensuring your plants receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive and produce high-quality buds during the flowering phase.

Cultivation technique

Creation of an ideal nutrient solution for hydroponics

For hydroponic growers, we offer consulting on creating the perfect nutrient solution tailored to different growth stages. Our expert advice helps you strike the right balance of nutrients, ensuring optimal plant health, vigorous growth, and impressive yields in your hydroponic system.

Indications for transitioning from vegetative to flowering phase

We provide clear indications and guidelines on when and how to transition your plants from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Understanding the key signs and necessary adjustments during this phase is crucial for promoting robust bud development and maximizing the potential of your cannabis crop.

Troubleshooting environmental factors

Environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and air conditioning can significantly impact cannabis cultivation. Our consulting services include troubleshooting support, offering solutions and consulting to manage and overcome challenges related to these factors. We help you create an optimized environment that promotes healthy plant growth and mitigates potential issues.

Harvesting, drying, and preserving potency

Harvesting and post-harvest processes are critical for preserving the potency and quality of your cannabis crop. We provide expert consulting on the proper techniques for harvesting, drying, and curing your plants to maintain maximum flavor, aroma, and potency. Our tips ensure you achieve the best results from your harvest.

Information on THC/CBD seeds

Explore our comprehensive knowledge and insights on THC and CBD seeds. We provide information on different strains, their unique characteristics, and the potential effects they offer. Our consulting helps you make informed choices when selecting seeds, ensuring you find the right strains that align with your preferences and cultivation goals.

We offer flexible communication options to suit your needs. Reach out to us through phone, video call, or schedule on-site appointments. Our dedicated consultants are ready to provide personalized consulting, answer your questions, and support you throughout your cannabis cultivation journey.


By availing our consulting services, you gain access to these comprehensive resources and expert guidance, empowering you to achieve outstanding results in your cannabis cultivation endeavors.

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